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You cannot achieve new outcomes by following the same old path.
" To change the outcome, change your game."
Get ready for
transformation with
Strategic Innovation?

98% of the organisations struggle to keep their competitive edge and retain their market share.

Lack of "UNIQUENESS " is leading businesses into becoming commodities.

Even after extensive outreach strategies and price competitiveness, it is hard to retain a steady flow of customers and keep up with the competition.


Future pacing with


Its time to develop an unparalleled, uncontested, and unique business proposition for your customers by serving their hidden needs in a manner that is win-win-win situation and thus brings that edge.

Your product will only survive in the market if you stop advertising and start innovating.

- Seth Godin

Why do organisations do not take this as THE FIRST CHOICE?


Most companies attempt innovation based solely on IDEAS.


This makes it a long "hit and trial process" with unpredictable results.

what is SI

STRATEGIC INNOVATION is an OUTCOME DRIVEN three-step process designed to look at things differently using lenses of proven models and frameworks.

What makes it different is its focus on finding the core objective or 'JOB TO BE DONE' rather than randomly betting on Ideas.

Learn more about SI in an online masterclass.

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In this Masterclass, you will learn-

✓ 5 key areas of innovation that 99% of companies don't know about.

✓ 3 mistakes organisations make while innovating.

✓ The secret method for achieving high-value outcomes.

✓ Framework for creating a sustainable business model.

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Jump Start


How to Bounce Back and Disrupt your market with Strategic Innovation​


A compelling read making complex subject like innovation easy to understand.

Chandan Goyal

Co-Founder, Blue Consulting Pvt Ltd.


If you are really serious about "doubling your profits" this year - then this book you can’t miss. Period.

Akshar Yadav

Creators of Get Overbooked framework


This book offers solutions to the most complex challenges that result in the stagnation of business, through strategic innovation.

Yogendra Shah

Head- Investment Advisory



Deep Dive

Signature Programmes


Begin the journey, take the first step for transformation and disrupt your market.


expand your possibilities



expand your possibilities

peer-to-peer mentoring group

The Wall of Ideas


convert opportunities into ​ventures


Before this programme, I always thought innovation was only for products. From just one session, changes I made in business processes lead to savings in seven figure without investing a single rupee. My profits have been steadily increasing as am applying more strategies and new avenues are opening up.

Manish Khatana

Fire Products Manufactering 

0 (1).jpg

The program brought a 360 degree turn in my thinking and approach, as a result I am able to see far more potential within the current business from this new lens.  I cannot wait to build on these new possibilities and expand my bussiness.

Ruchi Bhambri

Solar Enterprenuer


One of the most amazing program in an era where everyone is focussing on marketing, social media, backend management. This program gave me a complete laser clarity by asking the bitter question "Why" at every stage of my business. 

Solomon Daniel

Sales Consultant

Other Ventures

Shaped by Strategic Innovation 

Playing on Tablet

Creators Architects

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Black Swan Lab

Innovation Research lab that creates structures and frameworks behind High-Value Results.



Next-generation daily wellness venture that targets wellbeing at critical milestones of life.

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Ultra personalised Granola for your body needs on-demand.


Getting to know me


Utssav is an Innovator and Architect deeply passionate about bringing change by design.

Utssav focuses on distinct industry problems and their vision, to find an alternative approach models through innovation. His ideas and strategic approach has created breakthroughs for many entrepreneurs by saving them money, opening up new niches and creating opportunities for them.


In architecture, he introduced Inventive Architecture framework that created a string of projects with unconventional design approach, that are now regarded as one of their kinds, are impactful and have changed status quo.

Get answers to your most pressing issues 

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During this 30-min meeting, we will dive deep & find the cause root of the problem. We would access the possible directions your organisation can take and if Strategic innovation is what you need at the moment. 

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